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Canada - Campervans and Motorhome Holidays

Touring by motorhome is fun, family friendly and great value. Plan your own road trip in Canada, choosing exactly where you go without worrying about the cost of hotels and where to eat.

Campervan holidays offer the ultimate freedom to explore and enjoy the great and varied sights of Canada at your own speed.

Cruise Canada

We have teamed with numerous locations across Canada, Cruise Canada offers convenient rentals to suit any self guided touring holiday in Canada. For over 40 years they have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of customers complete their holiday with a well-appointed motorhome, equipped with everything a guest could need.

Cruise Canada

There are a variety of sizes and styles to suit a couple, family or group of friends.

Flexible Pricing

The flex plan offers several possible daily prices for all vehicles. Flex pricing is based purely on vehicle availability and takes no account of seasons, so if more vehicles are available when you book, the price will be lower.

It follows that some cities may be cheaper than others in the same area. This system is designed to give you the best possible price at the time of booking: prices may vary from as little as £15 - £230 per motorhome per day.

C-19 Compact 2-3 passengers

Whats Included

Full peace of mind insurance cover including Supplemental Liability Cover of $1m. Trip reimbursement cover in case of 12 hour plus mechanical failure, Collision Damage Waiver, Third Party Liability Insurance, 24 hour travel hotline assistance, Local tax on pre-paid prices.

Book Eary and Save

There are monthly special offers which include:
50% off one-way drop off fees
50% off unlimited mileage
FREE vehicle and personal kits

Self Drive Canada


Supplemental Liability Insurance cover up to $1m will also include limited Personal Accident and Personal Property insurance cover, plus coverage for expenses incurred for lodging and alternative transportation. A $1000 per occurrence excess applies and insurance is invalid if the vehicle is operated in contravention of the rental contract signed at departure.

Motorhome Features

All motorhomes feature bathroom facilities with shower, hot water and flush toilet. Fully equipped kitchen with fridge, hob, oven or microwave. Air conditioning, radio, power steering, automatic transmission and power brakes.


Important General Information

Minimum rental is seven days. After a long haul flight it is mandatory to take one nights hotel accommodation before picking up your vehicle.

Motorhome pick-up time is between 1pm and 4pm. Drop-of is between 9am and 11am.

All rental stations are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

You must call on the morning of pick up to find out when your vehicle is available.

If you would like to collect earlier in the day and return later, this can be arranged by purchase of the 'Ealy Bird Supplement' which also includes return transfers.

To get a quote on a motorhome holiday to Canada, give us a call on 01482 641064 or fill in our holiday quote form.

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