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Flight Information

Holidays to Jersey are available throughout the summer flying from your local airports.

Humberside fly to Jersey every Saturday and Doncaster also fly to Jersey 3 times a week.

Guernsey is also accessible either via Jersey or direct from Manchester.


All types of accommodation is available from full board hotels to self catering. Please choose your preferred accommodation either online or from the brochure and call us for a quote! 

About Jersey

100 miles (160 km) south of mainland Britain, 14 miles (20 km) from the Normandy coast of France, situated in the bay of St Malo. The distances from St Helier Harbour to the other Channel Islands are as follows: Guernsey - 26 miles (41.84km); Sark - 22 miles (35.40 km); Alderney - 45 miles (72.42 km)

SIZE: Jersey is 9 miles (14.49 km) East to West x 5 miles (8.05km) north to South, 45 square miles, (116 km square) 360 miles (580 km) of roadway, including a network of over 47 miles (76km) of Green Lanes where there is a speed limit of 15mph (24kph) and priority is given to walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Cyclists can also delight in 100 miles (160 km) of cycle routes, ranging from coastal to rural.

Jersey has a resident population of 90,800 which consists of approx 50% Jersey, 30% British, 6% Portuguese, 10% Eastern Europe and 4% other. Approximately one third of the population live in St Helier. 

Jersey is the most southerly of the Channel Islands and consequently has the best sunshine record in the British Isles. Warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream, summer temperatures average 20C, in winter it rarely goes below freezing.

Sterling. Jersey has its own coins and notes, the equivalent of English money, which is also freely accepted, as are UK cheques, supported by a banker's card, and most credit cards. Money can be exchanged at banks and Bureaux de Change. Euros are not widely accepted.

English speaking, though the languages of Jersey have also included Latin, Breton, Norman French, and latterly Jersey Norman French. Known as Jerriais, it is a blend of Norse and Norman French and is still often spoken by locals (Jersiais) in country parishes. Until the 1960's the official language was French and it is still used by the court and legal professions.

British Citizens and those of the Irish Republic do not require passports or entry visas for travel between their respective countries and Jersey. Passports are required for excursions to France. Other EU citizens require ID cards for travel to Jersey. Citizens from non-EU countries will need a passport and should check before travelling to the Island to see if a visa is required. 

About Guernsey

Although Guernsey is geographically much closer to France than the UK, it is loyal to the British crown. This loyalty can be traced back to Norman times when the Channel Islands first became part of the English realm and forms the basis of the island’s constitution.

Today the island is self-governing and enjoys the same level of independence it has had since first becoming associated with England.

Guernsey’s ability to look after its own fiscal affairs has meant that it has been able to foster a favourable tax climate. This has led to many offshore banks, fund managers and insurance companies establishing here. Whilst the traditional industries of flower growing, fishing and dairy farming still play an important part, contributing both to the varied economy and to the island’s character. There are also a number of high profile light industries based on the island, including Specsavers Optical Group, Healthspan and Healthy Direct.

Guernsey also has its own stamps and currency, and while British pounds can be used on the island, Guernsey pounds cannot be used in the UK.

Blessed with an abundance of natural ingredients from sea and land, it’s not surprising that the islands should be able to boast so many high quality restaurants. Choose from hearty pub fayre, bistro dining or contemporary cuisine – healthy appetites are welcome in all of our restaurants. There are a huge variety of culinary styles available from all over the world, too. Indian, Turkish, Spanish and Italian sit comfortably alongside more traditional restaurants. And with the quality as high as it is, you’ll soon be back for seconds.

St Peter Port also has a good choice of lively pubs and bars where you can soak up the atmosphere…along with a few cocktails or locally brewed ales. A number of food events feature throughout the year. Browse the listing below, choose a time to visit when culinary celebration is on the menu and then tuck-in.

Guernsey’s environment will reinvigorate your senses: savour the scent of cool, wooded valleys, or the sight of a sunset, mirrored in the Atlantic Ocean. Soak up the sound of waves lapping on old granite landing steps, or the tingle of salt on your skin after a long day on the beach. With their age-old recipe of clean sea, fresh air and clear light, the islands are the ultimate, natural antidote to stress. Over 100 miles of coastline is the setting for sandy beaches and dunes, secret coves and rock pools, rugged harbours and endless, beautiful cliff walks. Inland, each island has a country heart that beats to the rhythm of the seasons. Sleepy lanes, private gardens, nature reserves and migrating birds are just some of the natural treasures waiting to be discovered and, with 449 flowering plants recorded in January alone, the islands are in bloom all year round.

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