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Top 10 Travel Tips - Travel Advice

Wondering what to do when travelling abroad? Below you will find our best tips for what to do, what to take and how to make your holiday memorable, safe and fun!

Top 10 Travel Tips

Hessle Travel's Top 10 Travel Tips for travelling abroad -

1 - Get to the Airport Early

Setting off early is really the only definite way to get to the airport on time without risk. Once at the airport there are a few other things you can do to save time. If you can travel with hand luggage only you should, as checking in bags can add around one and a half hours to your flight, so trying to avoid checking in luggage really cuts down on time.

Printing your boarding card online as soon as possible is also extremely helpful, especially if you haven't already pre-booked your seats. If you don't make it to check-in on time, make sure you know if your airline has some policies for late check-ins or missed flights.

Sometimes if you are polite and explain why you are late, the airlines can be quite helpful.

Getting to the airport early also has other advantages from possible upgrades to getting the much loved extra-legroom seats.

2 - Buy Good Travel Insurance

It is obvious that it is needed and probably the most important item on this list. If you're not properly insured, a medical emergency can wipe out your savings. There are so many things that can happen while you are away from minor injuries to major natural disasters. NEVER travel abroad without taking out a good travel insurance!

To make sure you get the best price it is always best to get two or three quotes, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Start by getting a quote here - Travel Insurance

3 – Clothing

Think ahead when packing for your trip. Whether travelling to a hot or cold country, a hat is always a useful item. Comfy walking shoes are also a must as you will no doubt be doing plenty of walking when sight-seeing. High heels will not work on Europe's cobblestone paths and blisters would ruin any sightseeing days.

Bring a hat

A pair of thick socks are a good idea when flying. Aircraft's are generally cool on board so you can slip off your shoes but still keep your feet nice and warm.

Some sandals will come in handy on beaches or round the pool.

4 - Book Early

Despite many people still thinking that last minute deals are the best way to get a cheap holiday, it is now much better to book early. Most of the major UK tour operators have cut down on their accommodation allocation and offer the best prices as soon as the holidays come on sale.

Free child places are usually offered when the new season comes on sale, two for one cruises and also the best prices for flight only deals can be snapped up for the early bookers.

5 - Travel Light

Checked-in luggage fees are now the norm with both low cost budget airlines and also the main scheduled carriers. Some airlines charge £50-60+ to check in a bag and also, if not weighed correctly, excess luggage charges at the airport can be extortionate.

Hand Luggage

Most airlines offer a generous amount of hand-luggage size and weight so if you manage to travel light the savings can be huge. Small wheeled suitcases are readily available which are designed to maximize hand luggage allowance.

6 – Important Things

Its pretty obvious but a quick check list of vital documents and items is worth making. Most travellers will need the following items -

Driving licence
Travel insurance
Bank cards
Local currency
Camera and charger
Mobile phone and charger
Emergency and contact telephone numbers
Electrical converters

7 - Compare Prices

To make sure you get the best price it is always worth comparing prices. Skyscanner is a great tool for flights. This can be found on our website – Flights

Escorted Coach Tours are very popular. Hessle Travel offer discount prices on most of the UK tour operators which means you can save £'s instead of booking direct.

There are 100's of internet holiday websites which offer packaged up deals using low cost airlines. This is not always the cheapest way as the large tour operators have their own airlines and also low rates on the hotels and accommodation they use.

If you find a holiday online either direct with a tour operator or a packaged deal with an internet holiday search, contact us for a quote too as we can offer both options and are often cheaper than both!

8 - Plan Ahead

Sight-seeing and excursions can be very time consuming and expensive. It is wise to plan your itinerary before you set off as this can save hours queuing for tickets and entry as pre-booked ticket holders can often jump the queues.

Cruise excursions when booked direct with the cruise company are very expensive. You can save a lot by booking these with other excursion providers. Viator and Cruisingexcursions.com offer great prices and also importantly guarantee to get you back to the ship!

9 - Local Knowledge

Learning the basic local lingo is a great advantage when abroad. It makes you come across as polite and making an effort as a tourist, the locals will be much more friendly and helpful.

Experience their culture and ask the locals for tips of where to go, where the best beaches are and where they eat, these are often the best and cheapest restaurants in the area.

Its important you are aware of the local customs and laws. For example, do not get drunk on the streets of Dubai or eat chewing gum in Singapore.

10 – Enjoy it

Although travelling can be stressful and tiring, often leaving you feeling out of your comfort zone, try to relax and enjoy it as you are probably experiencing a once in a lifetime trip to this destination.

Enjoy it

Take plenty of photos as your present and future family's generation will enjoy looking back on the holidays you have for years to come!

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