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Gatwick alerts BA, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic passengers to terminal changes

Gatwick is advising British Airways, easyJet, and Virgin Atlantic passengers to check which terminal they will be using as the airlines prepare to switch next week.

BA moves to the South Terminal, Virgin Atlantic goes to the North Terminal and easyJet – which currently operates from both terminals – will concentrate all operations in the North Terminal.

The moves are being staggered over a 72 hour period, with all three airlines operating a reduced flying programme to simplify the process.

EasyJet will be the first to move on Tuesday following by BA and Virgin Atlantic switching terminals the following day.

They airport will be deploying 70 additional helpers to point passengers in the right direction during the change.

BA flights to New York and Naples have already moved across to the South Terminal.

Gatwick has prepared for the transfers with 37 trials to test every element of the airlines’ operations in their new homes.

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